Ars Electronica 2014

Ars Electronica 2014

Daichi Misawa, Kiyomitsu Odai – “Data Auditorio
Ars Electronica Fest. 2014, Linz, AT
4-8 September 2014

* “Data Auditorio” will not be exhibited on (Sat) 6th September. The live performance is 6 PM, Raumschiff and a new version of the “Transparent Sculpture”  will be appearing alternatively on the same day. 


Exhibition: Raumschiff / Strafsachenstelle at the Hauptplatz
Misawa is present during 17:30-21:00 on 5th and 7, September.

Concert: Raumschiff from 18:00- on 6th, September
w/ Davide Bevilacqua, Alberto Boem, Enrique Tomas.










A new page for Seascapes (2011) was added.


Aegean Sea | 2011
8’45”, NTSC, Stereo
1080p, h264, 24mbps, 48khz, 32bit

The video series of Seascapes collects the seascapes in various parts of the world, and explores the plurality of the seas and the oceans. As a dependent art reflects the artist’s life, this work of Aegean Sea captures an ocean-view around the Saronic Islands where he appeared in 2009. 


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