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Aegean Sea | 2011
8’45″, NTSC, Stereo
1080p, h264, 24mbps, 48khz, 32bit

The video series of Seascapes collects the seascapes in various parts of the world, and explores the plurality of the seas and the oceans. As a dependent art reflects the artist’s life, this work of Aegean Sea captures an ocean-view around the Saronic Islands where he appeared in 2009. 


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The Creators Project | EL PAÍS | Symbiotic Cube


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The Creators Projects (Intel, Vice)

The creators projects is writing the details about technical issues of parametric sound (sound beam) for pluralistic sweet-spots as well as the aesthetics and the productions of Reverence in Ravine (2011), in which the concept of transparent sculpture is described as well. It is a notion to design the sculptural parametric sound structures in a space, and conceptually inherited to the art piece Transparent Sculpture (2012) to some extent. The writing about “channeling to something” is interesting. With regard to this, at least, it’s true that Ravine was using a story/scenario about Nara, Japan.



EL PAÍS is  writing about TEI’13 exhibition and performances, where Transparent Sculpture‘s demo-video was exhibited. Since the video was not prepared to publish on the date of publication of the article (3. 2013.), only some short description is written in it. The work Transparent Sculpture had sub-title in the exhibition that was “an embodied auditory interface for sound sculpture”. It was actually aiming to emphasise the presence of sound itself.


Symbiotic Cube: Audio-Visual Label

Symbiotic Cube is an audio visual label organised and led  by Leaving The Planet, aka LTP. SC is not only audio visual label but also artist collective in the related field. Support the artists. The article is also about Ravine and clarifying the method to design transparent sculpture, or parametric sound sculpture at the last paragraph. Exploration of light and sound interaction is ongoing as the project Light Sound Interactions.


Light Sound Interactions

A project page of  Light Sound Interactions (LSI) is created, where some referential pieces are collected.

Light and sound are, in a physical point of view, very traditional media. Art can be seen, for example, as a set of light frequencies reflected from an object, and music as a set of tuned-sounds.

Based on the art and music studies that have long tradition, Light Sound Interactions presents the intense interactivity of light and sound that involves audiences.


- Seventh International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction (TEI’13) -

February 10-13, 2013. Barcelona, Spain.

Daichi Misawa, Transparent Sculpture: An Embodied Auditory Interface for Sound Sculpture, 2012; IN the proceedings of Seventh International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction (TEI’13), Barcelona, ACM, 2013.